Social Media Management

Are you looking to reach more people with your products or services? If so, we can help.

Our Social Media Package is affordable and can get you noticed on social media platforms. We can manage your social media accounts to help grow your online presence, and your business reputation. Whether you are a brand new business, or well established, a solid social media presence converts into dollars in your pocket.

Its important to keep your social media followers interacting with your business. We strive to keep your followers tuned into your business by posting frequently with interesting relevant content, thus exposing your business to potential clients. Imagine how many potential people you are reaching.

Facebook is the number one killer social platform where you have to be. With over 2.2 billion monthly active users, it is where businesses are made.

We target people who are local to you, and have expressed an interested in your services. We can convert them into followers.

We will create your Facebook page from scratch and manage it. If you already have a Facebook page we will give it a professional make-over and maintain it (minimum 3 month contract).



Fully Managed

2 professional looking posts per day of generalized content that is inline with your industry.
2 post per week of specialized content or promotional posts that you have provided.

5 picture uploads to the page/week that are provided by you.

(photo editing and enhancement services are available for an additional fee)

New local, interested followers.

Hundreds, or even thousands, of new followers each week.


See Test Case 1, where a brand new business gained over 6000 followers in the first 10 days.

See Test Case 2, where a brand new business gained nearly 10,000 followers in the first 4 weeks.

See Test Case 3, where an existing business went from 6 to 4,400 followers in the first 4 weeks.

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Sample images from our Generalized Content streams

Channel 1 - Business
Channel 2 - Chiropractic Care
Channel 3 - Massage
Channel 4 - Homeschool / Unschool


Sample content post


Sample Promotional Post

Sample Promotional Post

Sample photo post

Sample Photo Post
Sample Photo Post


Green Energy

Our office is 100% renewable green energy powered using a combination of wind, solar, and wave power.

Our servers are 100% renewable green energy powered using a combination of wind, solar, and waterfall.