Although we’re in at least the third decade of the Internet Era and the second decade of the Social Era, the digital presence of many organizations has not evolved much beyond the early days of the World Wide Web. Specifically, for example:

  • Their brand identity is not digitally optimized.
  • The look and feel of their website harkens back to the mid-1990s, is too text heavy, and/or lacks modern features.
  • They may be relying on a web manager who must make all changes, thereby reducing the flexibility of the site’s design and limiting the ability of non-technical staff to make even the simplest site updates.
  • The website may not be optimized for mobile devices, there may be a blog that is not fully integrated with the main web presence, and they may have set up social media accounts that are either underutilized or poorly employed.

If this sounds like your organization, it’s time to upgrade your digital presence. We can help. Using an integrated, holistic approach that is both pragmatic and contextually relevant, our Digital Optimization and Enhancement services are customized to reflect your organization type, industry, and key stakeholders, as well as your goals and objectives and the availability and skill levels of both internal and external resources.

Services and Fees

Working with your team, as well as external vendors and service providers, we can enhance your digital identity, design and/or optimize your digital engagement ecosystem, and develop a marketing and communications strategy and related tactical plan(s) that can best achieve your goals and objectives. We do this by:

  • Deploying the latest tools and technologies
  • Emphasizing comprehensive engagement rather than just marketing
  • Developing an integrated set of relationships and communication flows among various platforms and tools
  • Creating and deploying realistic content management and digital engagement activities that are easy to maintain

If we have already conducted a Digital Audit and/or Benchmarking Assessment, and/or provided Strategic and Tactical Guidance, the outcomes of those efforts will serve as the starting point and will reduce the scope and length of the project. Project activities can include:

  • Creating and/or updating the organization’s digital brand identity
  • Creating and/or updating websites using a content management system, including the incorporation of custom themes, widgets, and plugins (see our Website Development and Website Maintenance and Hosting services for more details)
  • Creating and/or updating the digital engagement ecosystem
  • Developing a marketing and communications strategy and related tactical plans, including content management and scheduling processes
  • Providing staff with training to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain various social and digital properties efficiently and effectively

For clients that use external service providers for website design/management, marketing, and/or communications, we can provide project management services to coordinate activities and ensure all changes are well integrated and optimized. We can also provide ongoing digital ecosystem management services (i.e., Digital Engagement Process Outsourcing or DEPO), including developing content, for organizations that lack internal expertise/resources.

Fees are usually specified as fixed rates based on the scope and complexity of the project. Retainers are also available for digital ecosystem management and/or ongoing advice and counsel. Travel reimbursement is expected for out-of-town engagements; however, most services can be provided remotely.

This service can be provided independently or in conjunction with our Business Development and/or other services defined above.

Green Energy

Our office is 100% renewable green energy powered using a combination of wind, solar, and wave power.

Our servers are 100% renewable green energy powered using a combination of wind, solar, and waterfall.