Business development in the Digital Era requires organizations to adopt new strategies and tactics to adapt to opportunities and challenges created by the increasing use and constant evolution of social and digital technologies. It’s harder to get buyers on the phone, and to get them to listen to a pitch, either on the phone or in person. Many prefer to be in charge of the acquisition process by doing their own research online and only interacting with potential vendors and service providers that they think offer viable solutions to their problems (when they’re ready, and on their terms).

On the other hand, websites, internet advertising, and social media platforms offer sellers many more opportunities to share their products, services, expertise, and differentiated value with larger and more diverse audiences. They also – crucially – allow sellers to gather competitive intelligence and benchmark best practices against their peers, in addition to identifying prospective buyers and new revenue-generating opportunities.

Online demos and meetings, as well as mobile devices (notably tablets), produce more opportunities to leverage new technologies to pursue revenue goals. With them, as well as interactive presentation decks, sales conversations can move from seller-directed, pitchy monologues to buyer-directed, seller-responsive dialogues.

The choices are plentiful – and potentially overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to begin, how to prioritize, how and where to engage, etc. We can help. Key to our approach is the idea that traditional marketing practices, especially those applied in consumer-oriented firms, are not the best ways to develop new opportunities in business-to-business enterprises that are more relationship driven and/or operate with a longer selling cycle, higher price points, lower volumes, and more complex transactions.

Rather than simply trying to develop and implement marketing and selling tactics – which involves a lot of (often ineffective) one-way communication – we emphasize approaches focused on relationship building and business development. These approaches involve listening as much as talking (if not more), as well as a responsiveness that balances the needs and objectives of both buyers and sellers.
Services and Fees

Working with your team, as well as external vendors and service providers, we will help you develop a viable strategy and tactics to enhance your ability to pursue business development objectives more efficiently and effectively by:

  • Reviewing and optimizing your digital brand identity
  • Determining how to leverage social media channels to “listen” to industry leaders, competitors, and customers
  • Updating the tools used for client relationship management to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness
  • Developing new approaches to prospecting and sales conversations that optimize the use of new hardware and software options
  • Revising collateral materials to work in both print and digital media
  • Identifying new methods for conveying expertise and differentiated value to a broader digital audience

Our Business Development services are customized for each client depending on their starting point, goals and objectives, and the availability and skill levels of both internal and external resources. If we have already conducted a Digital Engagement Audit, and/or provided Strategic and Tactical Guidance services, the outcomes of those efforts will serve as the starting point and will reduce the scope and length of the project.

For clients that use external service providers for website design/management, marketing, and/or communications, we can provide project management services to coordinate activities and ensure all changes are well integrated and optimized.

Fees are usually specified as fixed rates based on the scope and complexity of the project. Retainers are also available for periodic reviews and ongoing advice and counsel. Travel reimbursement is expected for out-of-town engagements; however, most services can be provided remotely.

This service can be provided independently or in conjunction with our Digital Optimization services.

The World Wide Web is over twenty years old, and we have been building and maintaining websites for over 20 years. During the past two decades websites have evolved into the primary digital hub of virtually all organizations. Many websites, however, have not been updated to reflect current standards and best practices, which can be detrimental to an organization’s ability to meet its goals and objectives. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know how much traffic your website gets, what pages people go to most, and how they get there?
  • Does your website have a modern look and feel and sophisticated functionality? Is it text heavy or image rich? Is it well structured and easy to navigate?
  • Is the site optimized for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets?
  • Does it have a fully integrated blog or other dynamic element?
  • Can non-technical staff make simple site updates, or do you have to rely on a web manager to make all changes?
  • Are you or your website manager able to upgrade and/or redesign some or all of the site relatively easily?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it may be time to upgrade your website. We can help. Approaching the project as a partner (versus acting as a “hired gun”) and emphasizing the latest tools and technologies, we strive to educate, empower, and emancipate our clients so they can maintain and optimize their own websites without having to rely exclusively on an external “webmaster.” The sites we help create are designed for ease of use and maintenance and are easily enhanced and upgradeable.

Services and Fees

Our Website Development and Management services are customized for each client depending on their starting point, goals and objectives, resources, and the availability and skill levels of both internal and external resources. Working with your team, as well as other vendors and service providers as needed, we will create and/or update your website(s) using the Joomla content management system, including the incorporation of custom themes, widgets, and plugins.

Because we deploy the latest tools and technologies, we are able to develop sites using a lean and agile approach that saves time and money (e.g., no complex specification document, no wireframes, no need for extensive testing across multiple browsers and devices). In addition, given our belief in education, empowerment, and emancipation, our objective is to design sites that clients can manage themselves, without having to rely on us for every change (especially minor ones). Project activities typically include:

  • Assessing current website(s) from both design and technical perspectives
  • Discussing options and determining the best course of action for upgrading the site(s)
  • Reviewing themes and other design considerations to determine the new look and feel
  • Building the new site(s) by reproducing current pages/content, adding new pages and features as requested, and creating efficient and visitor-friendly navigation
  • Providing staff with training to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain the content of various web pages efficiently and effectively

After the new site is live, we offer ongoing technical maintenance for Joomla based sites to ensure the software remains current. We can also provide Website Maintenance and Hosting for ongoing support of site design and content for all sites, either in a hands-on capacity or via digital coaching.

Fees are usually specified as fixed rates based on the scope and complexity of the design project, with annual maintenance fees for ongoing support. All services can be provided remotely.

This service can be provided independently or in conjunction with our Digital Optimization and Enhancement services.

Are you looking to reach more people with your products or services? If so, we can help.

Our Social Media Package is affordable and can get you noticed on social media platforms. We can manage your social media accounts to help grow your online presence, and your business reputation. Whether you are a brand new business, or well established, a solid social media presence converts into dollars in your pocket.

Its important to keep your social media followers interacting with your business. We strive to keep your followers tuned into your business by posting frequently with interesting relevant content, thus exposing your business to potential clients. Imagine how many potential people you are reaching.

Facebook is the number one killer social platform where you have to be. With over 2.2 billion monthly active users, it is where businesses are made.

We target people who are local to you, and have expressed an interested in your services. We can convert them into followers.

We will create your Facebook page from scratch and manage it. If you already have a Facebook page we will give it a professional make-over and maintain it (minimum 3 month contract).



Fully Managed

2 professional looking posts per day of generalized content that is inline with your industry.
2 post per week of specialized content or promotional posts that you have provided.

5 picture uploads to the page/week that are provided by you.

(photo editing and enhancement services are available for an additional fee)

New local, interested followers.

Hundreds, or even thousands, of new followers each week.


See Test Case 1, where a brand new business gained over 6000 followers in the first 10 days.

See Test Case 2, where a brand new business gained nearly 10,000 followers in the first 4 weeks.

See Test Case 3, where an existing business went from 6 to 4,400 followers in the first 4 weeks.

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Sample images from our Generalized Content streams

Channel 1 - Business
Channel 2 - Chiropractic Care
Channel 3 - Massage
Channel 4 - Homeschool / Unschool


Sample content post


Sample Promotional Post

Sample Promotional Post

Sample photo post

Sample Photo Post
Sample Photo Post


Focused on keeping your website fast and secure

Today’s informed consumer is able to quickly find your website to assess your credibility and whether you’re worthy of their time and money. Don’t lose out on conversions with a broken, unstable, and/or vulnerable website. We are trusted to host over 500 domains, have the people power to respond to over 750 monthly maintenance tickets, and have a 1-2 hour average response time with most tickets being resolved within 24 to 48 hours. Yes, our Core Team is pretty amazing.

We would love to be your partner. See what a maintenance retainer and partnership looks like below.

Our Packages

Each package below is designed for both the size and the needs of your company. Only looking to maintain and perform small updates to your existing small website? The Basic package may be the best fit for you. Alternatively, if you’re looking for not only maintenance but also continued improvement and search engine optimization for your medium to large website, the Enhanced, and Premium packages will be perfect.

If you have needs greater than what is listed below, contact us and we can put together a custom package or perform hourly updates as needed.

Monthly Hours for Updates 2 hours 4 hours 8 hours
Framework Updates Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Weekly Extensions & Plugin Updates Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Monthly full site and database backup Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Monthly traffic reports Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
SEO health report   Annually Quarterly
Google penalties   Checkmark Checkmark
Broken link audit   Checkmark Checkmark
Crawl errors   Checkmark Checkmark
Internal link analysis   Checkmark Checkmark
Page titles   Checkmark Checkmark
Meta descriptions   Checkmark Checkmark
Image ALT tags   Checkmark Checkmark
Verify site crawlability   Checkmark Checkmark
Sitemap.xml & Robots.txt file updates   Checkmark Checkmark
Annual user experience audit     Checkmark
Content readability     Checkmark
Site usability     Checkmark
Mobile usability     Checkmark
Content style and layout     Checkmark
Dedicated service contact     Checkmark
* All checked items are included at no extra charge and do not count against your Monthly Hours for Updates. All items are one time only unless stated as Monthly or Quarterly.

With the launch of a brand new business came the opportunity to track a new Facebook page launch. Usually launching a Facebook page means getting all your friends to like it, and asking them to share. This results in a few dozen likes initially, and slowly growing.

Instead, Sunsational Yacht Charters had us create and manage their Facebook page. Their two target groups were people interested in travel, and Canadian & US homeschoolers.

Day one (February 11, 2018) ended with 245 likes and 258 engaged users. By Day 7 they had achieved 3,259 likes and 3,370 engaged users.


Week 1 Results
Week 1 Results


Green Energy

Our office is 100% renewable green energy powered using a combination of wind, solar, and wave power.

Our servers are 100% renewable green energy powered using a combination of wind, solar, and waterfall.